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The people who make up the Duhovka team have to live what they want to teach – which really is the case. Duhovka is a comprehensive system of several interconnected complementary institutions. All of the institutions are linked through Duhovka group, which creates the vision for the system and covers areas such as marketing, finance, human resources and IT.

Lenka Schwarzová

ředitelka jeslí a mateřské školy

Toddlers and Preschool

Duhovka Preschool has two locations - in Prague 1 in Hergetova Cihelna near Vojanovy sady and in Prague 6, Střešovice, where there is also a toddler class. The environment of both schools is adapted to the youngest children. Children learn through observation, manipulation of Montessori materials and working with various other materials. They develop at their own pace and learn to respect their environment, other people and their friends. Czech and English teachers are guides who offer them enjoyable and fulfilling activities. Children feel successful when working on something they can do without help.

Jindřich Kitzberger

Elementary Director

Elementary School

Duhovka Elementary School is located in Břevnov in Prague 6 and offers the first and second levels of education. Montessori classes are mixed classes of two to three grade levels. This means that students from 1st-3rd, 4th-6th and 7th-9th grade are in class together. In this way, children can learn what is appropriate to their development, learn from older classmates and at the same time solidify their knowledge and skills by working with smaller children. There is a Czech and English teacher in each class. In a Montessori system the teacher’s role is based on unobtrusive guidance following the principle of “Help me to do it myself”. The children are free to make choices in a prepared environment, which motivates and stimulates them.
director of Montessori Czech-English High School Duhovka

Petr Gazdík

High School Director

Duhovka High School

Our high school is the only Montessori high school in the Czech Republic. It is located on Ortenovo náměstí in Prague 7. Just like the preschool and elementary, the languages of instruction in the high school are Czech and English and students have the opportunity to integrate their knowledge across subjects through project work. The goal of the high school is to stimulate critical thinking and the joy of learning in students. We want our students to continue their studies at universities and to be interested in lifelong learning and working on themselves in the future. The high school offers students a Czech or internationally recognized IB high school diploma.
director of Montessori Teacher Education Program Duhovka

Veronika E. Thompson

Institute Director

Duhovka Institute

Duhovka established its own institute for teacher education in Montessori pedagogy accredited by the American Montessori Society (AMS). Training takes place in 3 locations - in Prague, Florida and Norway and lasts for 3 years. The courses are led by internationally certified teachers in English. Duhovka Institute offers training for Early Childhood (2.5 - 6 years), Elementary I. (6 - 9 years) and Elementary I.-II. (6 - 12 years).
the team of people in the Montessori Czech-English educational system Duhovka

Ivana and Tomáš Janeček

Duhovka Group Team

Duhovka Group

Duhovka Group is a guarantee that Duhovka is developing as a unified and sustainable system in which individual institutions are connected with each other and that they interconnect and share common values and the pedagogical concept. It inspires and supports our schools to achieve a common vision while preserving their uniqueness and providing them with support in the areas of marketing, IT, human resources and finance.