jobs at Duhovka

Since 2008, Duhovka has been educating children from toddlers at an age of 1.5 years, to graduates from our high school who are on the threshold of adulthood. Duhovka is based on a bilingual Czech-English environment and the Montessori educational method.

The people who work for Duhovka are united by the desire to give students the best of themselves - to be role models for them and to be inspired by them at the same time. They are people who enjoy working with children and who are conscientious about their work.

why we do it

Inspiring work

morning circle in Montessori class
Space for creativity on a diverse team of colleagues who will support you and from whom you will learn a lot.

It's time for change

Montessori guide and students during the art lesson
Opportunity to implement your ideas and influence the face of education. Opportunity to work on your personal development.

Joy to be part of the team

Montessori guides when working with wooden Montessori materials
Friendly, supportive and professional environment. We treat each other fairly and communicate openly. We are not afraid to compliment each other either.

our story

We founded Duhovka in 2008 originally as a bilingual Montessori preschool in Prague 6 for our children. We started the school with eight children and two teachers. Gradually, however, it turned out that many people longed for alternative education and they brought their children to us. An elementary school and a multi-year grammar school were added to the preschool. Finally, we also established a Montessori teacher training institute, which operates in Prague, Florida and Norway. At present, there are more than 500 children, their parents and many employees in Duhovka. It consists of the people who form the Duhovka community together.
Ivana and Tomáš Janeček, founders of Duhovka

duhovka values

Duhovka Values: Discovering wealth

Discovering wealth

There is a treasure hidden in every person. We help to discover and develop it together for the benefit of the whole Duhovka.
Duhovka Values: Respect


We recognize and respect the different needs of people in Duhovka. Our aim is to balance and meet these needs.
Duhovka Values: Trust and encouragement

Trust and encouragement

We feel that trust and encouragement are better than monitoring and control. We act as guides on the road towards a happy and successful life.
Duhovka Values: Cooperation


We support the development of critical thinking and the capacity to achieve goals and fulfillment in every social environment and culture.

job opportunities

Montessori guide with kids during physical education class on playground
Do you like Duhovka and are you wondering if you can connect with us on a professional level? Take a look at the current vacancies at our individual institutions.